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Spring 2018 GROUPS!

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Group therapy can be an ideal choice depending on the nature of your concerns. It’s a powerful tool for growth and change, an opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, enhance relationships skills, receive support from others, and learn healthy coping skills. Research has found that group therapy is often more effective than individual therapy when issues involve certain topics (e.g. relationships, interpersonal skills, social isolation, development of coping skills, etc.). Members often describe experiencing they are "not the only one" in addressing their concerns when they participate in group therapy. 

The EKU Counseling Center has groups that are offered throughout the year which focus on the development of effective personal and social skills and the resolution of various types of personal concerns. Common topics addressed include depression, anxiety and worry, stress reduction, relationship issues, college adjustment, and various mental health skill building techniques. 

I might be interested-what next?

Drop-In! These groups are open to any/all currently enrolled EKU students. Note: some groups have limited space, therefore, arriving 10 minutes early is recommended. The following are the Drop-In Groups are currently being offered by the Counseling Center:

Relaxation & Meditation Group Calm your body, relax your mind! Yoga mats provided. No experience necessary! Arrive 5 min before a group to ensure your space. Come chill with us and decrease your stress!
Spring 2018: Meets weekly 3-4pm on Mondays & Thursdays, and Tuesdays 6-7pm in Whitlock Bldg Room 568

Beyond Labels-LGBTQ+Want a safe space to talk with other LGBTQ+ students? Come join us as we discuss identity, sexuality, gender, and other factors (family, relationships, etc.) impacting your journey.
Spring 2018: Meets weekly on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm, Whitlock Bldg Room 567

Freedom Through Connection Struggling with your substance use? Need support in recovery? Join this weekly group to learn skills and receive support from similar students to help decrease or cease alcohol and/or other substance use issues. 
Spring 2018: Tuesdays 5:30-6: 30 pm, Whitlock Bldg Room 567

Feel Better Fast Workshops-This is a weekly workshop series that teaches you coping strategies to make your life more manageable.  Topics include: how to manage your feelings of distress, how to cope with emotions, and changing how your body and mind respond to stress. Show up at any workshop on any of these days to Feel Better Fast! Meets weekly in Whitlock Room 568  beginning Jan. 16th on:

Mondays 3:30-4:30pm
Tuesdays 6-7pm
Wednesdays 11-12pm

To register for these groups, a meeting with a counselor is required before joining a group. Come to the EKU Counseling Center (Whitlock Bldg., Room 571 or call 859-622-1303) to discuss your interest in the groups listed below. See attached fliers for more information.

Understanding Self and Others Come join a safe and energizing group of your peers to explore patterns of how you perceive yourself and relate with others. The aim of this group is developing greater understanding and acceptance of self, changing current behaviors and developing better ways of coping.
Spring 2018: Meets weekly on Fridays from 1:30-3pm or 2:30-4 pm, Whitlock Bldg Room 571

Cleaning House: Addressing Other's Substance Use Is your life cluttered with emotional garbage created by a friend, family member, or partner's substance use? This group provides support in "cleaning up the mess" left behind by a loved one's substance use.
Meets weekly on Mondays 1-2: 30 pm Whitlock Bldg Room 571

CARE: Coping And Regulating Emotions (using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Ever feel like you don't have control over your emotions? Do your moods create problems in your relationships with others? Do they impact your ability to make healthy emotional and/or physical decisions for yourself? Come learn the skills to manage your moods and the impact they have on your daily life.
Meets weekly on Wednesdays 1-2: 30 pm Whitlock Bldg Room 571

Start From Now! Do you find yourself struggling with body image, healthy eating, and/or dangerous weight loss habits? This group provides support and psychoeducational information to address these challenges.  CONTACT the EKU Psychology Clinic for more information @ 859-622-2356.
Spring 2018: Meets weekly Tuesdays 2:30-4pm 

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Published on January 16, 2018

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