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EKUCC Therapy and Support Groups

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What is Group?
EKUCC offers group therapy, drop-in support groups, and drop-in mental health and wellness groups. In all types of groups, approximatey 8-10 students with similar issues, interests and/or experiences meet weekly at a specific time and location. See below for our current groups. 

How are groups helpful?
Therapy and support groups are frequently more effective, and preferred, over individual therapy as they are tailored to help students with certain concerns or experiences. In group, students often feel connected and not alone. There is something empowering and validating when you are in a room with others who can relate to your concerns and experiences-they "get it". What former EKUCC group members had to say about their group experience:

"The sense of inclusion within the group made me fell like I was normal and that a lot of people go through the same things."

"It taught me how to better express and better control my emotions."

"Hearing others' stories inspired me and encouraged me to continue my own personal journey."

"This group helped me not only accept myself more but others as well."

Drop-in support groups provide an affirming, safe space for students who have similar life experiences or shared identities. Members find group is space to feel validated, understood, and encouraged. Some examples: being a first generation college student, living life as a student with a health disability, being an international student, being an LGBTQ+ student, being a student of color, etc. These support groups meet the same time and day every week for 1 hour and are facilitated by a EKUCC counselor. Attend all or as many as fits your schedule. Just drop-in!

Fall 2019 Support Groups All support groups begin the first week of classes in the Whitlock Bldg (see room locations below)

Pathfinders Support group for first generation college students
Tuesdays 11-12pm Whitlock Bldg Room 567

Ready and Able Support group for EKU students navigating life as a college student with a health and/or other disability issue 
Mondays 11:30-12:30pm Whitlock Bldg Room 567

Support Without Borders International Students Support Group
Mondays 1-2pm Whitlock Bldg Room 567

Beyond Labels Need to talk about having and/or questioning an LGBTQ* identity? Join us at Beyond Labels support group for LGBTQ* EKU students!
Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm Whitlock Bldg Room 567

Black Voices Students of Color Support Group
Tuesdays 2-3pm Whitlock Bldg Room 567

Drop-in meditation and yoga groups focus on the mind and body connection.  Using movement and attending to the body and mind has a positive affect on mental health, reducing stress, and improving mood. These drop-in groups meet weekly for 1 hour and are led by Natalie Deering, certified yoga and meditation instructor, and EKUCC counselor. No previous experience with yoga or meditation is required! All materials provided. Open to all EKU students, faculty, and staff! 

Rest to Feel Best Experience gentle movement and stretching with various restorative yoga poses to help calm the body and mind
Mondays 3-4pm Whitlock Bldg, Room 568 (come a few minutes early to ensure your space)

Meditate to Regulate Guided meditation and relaxation techniques to help calm the body and mind
Thursdays 3-4pm, Whitlock Bldg, Room 568 (come a few minutes early to ensure your space)

Group therapy is an opportunity to get help and help others at the same time. Group therapy allows members to gain and provide multiple perspectives, relate to shared experiences, and talk about how these have impacted their lives. The focus in group therapy is increasing self-awareness, identifying and trying out new strategies to cope with the common experiences, and increase comfort in applying these skills outside the group room. These groups meet the same day and time every week for 90 minutes. A referral from an EKUCC counselor to a group orientation is required to join a therapy group. If interested, drop by EKUCC in Whitlock 571 to discuss a referral.

Cleaning House Group therapy for students affected by the substance abuse of others
Wednesdays 2:30-4pm Whitlock Bldg Room 571

ADHD: Untapped Brilliance
Living with ADHD? Develop skills to effectively manage your ADHD
Mondays 2:30-4pm Whitlock Bldg Room 571

Leveling Up: D&D Interpersonal support and social skills through gaming
Fridays 2:30-2pm Whitlock Bldg Room 568

It’s Not You, It’s Grad School! Support group specifically designed for graduate students
Overwhelmed? Confused? Exhausted, Isolated? Join us!
Thursdays 8:30-9:30am Whitlock Bldg Room 571

Grief Group For students who have experienced and are being impacted by the death of a loved one
Mondays 9:30-11am Whitlock Bldg Room 571

Big E Brothers Men’s Group Been told to “be a man” or “suck it up”? Feel like you have to deal with everything on your own because "that's what men do"? Explore these issues and more with other EKU brothers!
Wednesdays 10:30-12pm Whitlock Bldg Room 571

Move the Tissues to Heal the Issues Experience gentle movement in a safe and comfortable environment to help you integrate and process trauma
Thursdays 1:30-2:30 Whitlock Bldg Room 571

Integrate to Regulate: For trauma survivors, learn specific techniques and coping skills to reduce the impact of traumatic experiences
Thursdays 2:30-4pm Whitlock Bldg Room 571

Understanding Self & Others Trying to figure out relationships? Not confident in socializing? Wanting to understand yourself and others? This is for you!
Fridays 2:30-4pm Whitlock Bldg Room 571

Start From Now: Body Image and Eating Disorders Therapy Group Struggling with body image, healthy eating, or dangerous weight loss habits? For more information, contact EKUCC counselor Melissa Cozart, drop by EKUCC at Whitlock 571, or call (856)622-1303
Thursdays 9:30-11am Whitlock Bldg Room 571 Starts Sept 12th 


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Published on May 31, 2019

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