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Make A Referral

When should I refer a student to EKU Counseling Center?
You may recommend the EKU Counseling Center for assistance if you feel like the student’s difficulties are beyond your ability to help.  Issues may include (but are not limited to):

  • anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns
  • relationship problems
  • sexual assault or abuse
  • thoughts about suicide
  • trauma (current or past emotional, physical, and/or sexual trauma, or any other traumatic experience)
  • grief and loss of a loved one
  • self-harm or other maladaptive coping
  • difficulty transitioning or adjusting to college
  • any other experience(s) or issue(s) resulting in concern about a student

Psychotherapy and other mental health services are provided by licensed EKUCC clinicians to help students cope with these and other difficulties. Graduate students in training may also provide therapy services under the direct supervision of licensed EKUCC psychologists. It is the goal of EKUCC to make sure the student receives the best care for their needs. If a clinician determines the referred student may need additional support or resources, they will provide Referral Services.

How do I refer a student to the EKU Counseling Center?
After you listen carefully to the student’s concerns, express to the student that you care about them and are concerned about their welfare. Communicate hope that there are campus resources, such as the Counseling Center,  that can be helpful in gaining support and help them deal more effectively with their situation. Note: Although you cannot force a student to seek help, expressing genuine care for a student’s well-being often positively impacts a student's choice to seek therapy services.

  • Give location, Whitlock Bldg, Room 571, and contact information, (859) 622-1303. EKUCC offers daily call-in appointments. 
  • While in presence of the student, suggest calling EKUCC to setup an appointment or to speak with the clinician on-call. The clinician on-call can provide support and answer any questions or concerns about how EKUCC can assist.
  • If you are unable to contact EKUCC in presence of the student, please call EKUCC (859) 622-1303 to inform the clinician on-call of your student referral.
  • Do not use email as a form of communication about the student of concern. Email is not confidential and may not be immediately accessed. 
  • Complete a SAIT (Student Assistance and Intervention Team) online REFERRAL FORMSAIT is a team created to intervene, support, and connect students who appear to be troubled, or whose behavior seems troubling, with assistance before the student behavior reaches a crisis level. Any member of the university community is encouraged to make a report (which can be anonymous). This form is not intended for use in case if an immediate threat of harm to self or others. If you are concerned a student or others are in immediate danger, call 911.
  • If you are unsure what stepts to take to assist the student, or need help in evaluating the level of urgency, call EKUCC and ask to speak with the clinician on-call for guidance.

What if this is an emergency?
If you believe the student is imminently suicidal, of danger to themselves or others, or experiencing a medical emergency CONTACT EKU POLICE at 911 or (859)622-1111. EKU Police will determine the best course of student assistance which may include referring the student to EKUCC. 

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